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Have a ball of a time with these balloon games!Each game begins with balloons and ends with balloons-and has billions of balloons in between.All you need is a little hot air!

Objective: Four teams race to see how many balloons they can get in their bags before the music stops!

Game Type:Active. A lot of movement may be required.

Players: 6 or more players.

Needed: A large area and lots of balloons of various colors.Four large plastic bags. Fun party music. Rules: Set up: Four teams in four corners with their plastic bag and balloons in the middle, jumbled up.

Rules: Divide everyone up into teams and decide who from each team will be the bag holder.After that, assign each team a color balloon. Now, make up a funny way to get the balloons into the bag, for example,bouncing the balloon onto one's head until one reaches the bag.Then, start the music. Everyone will run to the center (except the bag holder) and pick up one of their team's color balloon and do the silly action until they get to their team's corner. The bag holder puts it in the bag. If a kid drops a balloon and it touches the ground, they have to go to the middle and start over. After a few songs,stop the music and tell the bag holder for each team to count how many balloons are in the bag. The team that has the most balloons, wins.

Objective: Keep the ballons floating in the air while thinking and saying words from a chosen category.

Game type:Active. A lot of movement may be required.

Needed: Balloons

Rules: Blow some balloons for this game. Get into a circle and start the balloon going around from player to player keeping the balloon in the air at all times.

Before each player can bat the balloon each player must call out a word (no repetitions, please) to fit an agreed upon theme.You can draw ideas from the following list:

1. Animals

2. Colors

3. Shapes

4. Things that are a certain color

5. Things that are a certain shape

6. Instruments

7. Tools

8. Famous religious leaders from the 13th century

3.Volley Balloon: Divide the group into teams on either side of a volleyball net.Have them play volleyball with a balloon. 4. Balloon Stunts: Write a number of body stunts or tricks on small pieces of paper like 'Jump on one foot','Walk backwards',Do a funny dance' and so on. Have each player draw a piece of paper from a hat and follow the instructions while trying to keep his or her balloon up in the air!

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