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Guide to Healthy and Rocking Party Ideas for Kids

Guidance for Healthy and Rocking Party

1)Smart Snacks-A common blunder that is committed by those hurrying to a favorite night spot, after a hard day's work is that they tend to leave empty stomach. A growling tummy consumes almost anything it can set its eyes on, throwing all calorie calculations out of the window. Eating something helps coat the inner lining of your system which in turn facilitates alcohol absorption. Therefore it is suggested that you order a dry toast with honey at the bar itself. Here are some smart snack choices that you can make through the night.

a) Nibble on salad sticks with interesting dips.

b) While ordering at the bar, choose some grilled options like fish, chicken or vegetables.

c) Cheesy savories-but not too much-on the menu go well with the mood.

d) Say no to peanuts and potato wafers.

2)Footloose fun-Wading your way through the jostling crowd and finding yourself a decent space on the dance floor itself makes for a great warm-up. When you are all set to groove to the music, a 45 minutes dance session could take care of the next vital thing ,that is burning many calories. Salsa too is a great tone-up for the legs.

3)Cheers check-While most party animals don't really care what they are drinking after that certain level of "happy high", it's always a good idea to pre-determine how much you want to booze while the night is still young. Here are some tips to keep the party going till late without any hiccups.

a) Vodka shots is a strict no-no. Choose from fruity shots like Kiwi-Kamikazi or liquor-based B-52s.

b) Dilute your drinks with freshly squeezed juices instead of aerated drinks.

c) Lemon juice is great to prevent hang-overs and also for smokers. Drop it generously in your drinks.

d) Lace your drinks with healthy snacks all through.

Parties are not only about what and how much you consume. Its always sensible to take small things into consideration. Here are some tips that will take care of your health without putting brakes on your party plans.

1) Never accept a drink from a stranger.

2)Take cover whenever you feel that you are going a little haywire. It's better to stand up than keep sitting when you begin to feel high. You may, if you can ,hit the dance floor.

3) Don't forget to keep your tobacco intake under control. Many people are habituated to lighting up a cigarette the minute they get hold of a drink, but it is actually a deadly combination. Both the active smokers and their passive partners end up inhaling a dangerous dose of tobacco. So keep a count on the number of cigarettes or cigars you light up .

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