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Innovative Circus Party Ideas for Kids

Ideas for Circus Party

Come one, come all kids, to the greatest show on earth-the Circus Party! There will be lots of big top fun and clowning around. So step right up, one and all. The show is about to begin!

Invitation: Find a picture of a clown in a coloring book and reproduce it for your guests. Glue spongy clown noses available at party and costume stores) to the faces. Write party details on the backs of the drawings and mail to the guests. Draw a circus poster with the party details in the headlines and in the small print. Add a picture of the gues of honor with a clown nose attached. Mail to the guests. Buy a packet of tiny plastic circus animals or clowns, attach a note with the party details to each toy and mail in small boxes to the guest.

Clown Face Cake: Bake a round cake and cover with white icing. Decorate top to make a silly clown face, using using jelly beans sprinkles, coloured marshmallows and licorice. Let the kids make their own clown face cupcakes by providing a supply of icing, gels, sprinkles and other edible decorations.

Prizes and Party Bags:

  1. Give the guests tiny circus animals to take home for their own circus fun.

  2. Make your own clown faces with the help of face paints

  3. Purchase small clown dolls and give one to each guest.

  4. Send the guests home with a popcorn ball, a bag of peanuts, or a caramel apple.

Costumes: Ask the guests to come dressed as clowns, circus, performers, ringmasters, animals or acrobats.

Decorations :

  1. Stick a pole in the middle of the yard and drape a sheet over the top. Pull the ends out and attach them to trees or fences to make a big top circus tent.

  2. Instead of using a sheet, you can also create the feeling of a big top with crepe paper streamers by hanging them from the center of the party area to the outside. Twist the streamers and use different colors for the festive look.

  3. Get large boxes and paint them to resemble animal cages. Cut out long slits along one side to make bars for the cage. Place large stuffed animals inside.

  4. Fill the area with balloons or tie the balloons together to make a big top tent.


  1. Lion Taming - Have the players form a circle, facing in toward the middle-they are lions. Choose one kid to be the ringmaster and have him or her walk around the outside of the lion’s circle The ringmaster must tag a lion, then run around the ring and make it back to where the lion was standing before the lion touches him or her. If the ringmaster makes it back, he or she is a lion. If not, he or she is "eaten”and is out of the game. Play until only one kid remains.

  2. Awesome Acrobats - Borrow some mats from a local gym or make your own from old mattress pads, air mattresses or foam blocks. Let the kids do acrobatic stunts, such as tumbling and cartwheels in a follow-the-leader pattern.

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