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Ideas for Kids Pillow Pals Party

Pillow Pala Party Ideas


  1. Buy or make paper dolls

  2. Gather photos of all guests, cut out the outline of each guest.

  3. Place the paper dolls in various positions, such as standing, sitting, doing a flip, or lying down, and glue them onto a large sheet of paper.

  4. Draw appropriate background details, such as sleeping bags, stuffed animals and snacks.

  5. Draw speech balloons and write 8n party details.

  6. Make a photocopy of the invitation for each guest; mailo in large envelopes.

Pillow Cake: Bake a rectangular cake, ice and place marshmallows around the edges.

Prizes and Party Bags:

  • Pillow Pals
  • Pillowcases signed with guests’ names
  • Cartoon pillowcases
  • Decorative throw pillows.

Costumes: Ask guests to bring pillows, sleeping bags, stuffed animals and white pillowcases or you provide the the pillowcases).


  • Collect pillows and place them around the room.

  • Buy fun pillows with funny faces on them or shaped liked animals. Set them around the room.

  • Set a small pillow at each place setting.


  1. .You can’t have a Pillow Pals party without having a pillow fight! Arm each guest with a pillow, remove all breakables from the rooms, then let the battle the battle begin! To keep control, call a time-out every few minutes so the players can rest.

  2. Lay pillows half a metre apart across the floor. Have each payer try to walk from one side of the room to the other by stepping only on the pillows.

  3. On one side of a large box, cut out a hole just a little larger than the fattest pillow. Have the players try to toss their pillows through the hole.

  4. Clear a large area or move everyone outdoor. Choose one player to be It and give her a pillow. Have her chase the other players and try to tag one of them with the pillow Whoever gets tagged becomes It.

  5. Have every one stand in a circle. Give one player a pillow and have them quickly toss it to the player next to them. Keep adding pillows at regular intervals. When someone drops a pillow, start the game over. Work toward tossing around all the pillows!

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