More Crafts

Homemade Easter Basket

Things needed:
1) An empty juice carton.
2) Cotton balls.
3) A small piece of pink yarn.
4) Pom-Pom (for nose).
5) Googly eyes, or pieces of black construction paper

1) Close the top of the empty juice carton.

2) Rest the carton on one side with the closed upper edge in a vertical position.

3) On the side facing up, cut along the two long edges and the bottom edge.

4) Raise the flap a little. Cut it to form two rabbit ears pointing away from the tapered end of carton.

5) Use the cotton balls to cover every bit of the exposed surface of the entire outer part of the carton, including the ears.

6) Use the small pink yarn piece to make outline of pink for the inner ear.

7) Stick the googly eyes and pom-pom nose in place on the pointed end of the carton.

8) Form a tail using an extra cotton ball.

9) Fill the basket with Easter grass and candy! Swing your craft from any spot of your home.

Easter Egg Doll

Things needed:
1) Blown out egg shell.
2) Black paint.
3) Paper muffin cups (pastel colors) - 6.
4) A ribbon strip (about ΒΌ" wide).
5) Toilet tissue roll center cardboard tube.
6) Transparent adhesive glue.
7) A pair of scissors.

1) Using paint, draw the doll face on the blown out eggshell surface.

2) Fold the paper muffin cup from the middle to form the Easter bonnet for your doll.

3) Stick the ribbon strip in the fold of the muffin cup to form the band of the bonnet. This will help it fit on the Easter egg face.

4) Cut out the centers of the remaining 5 muffin cups to form the body.

5) Turn the cups upside down and stick on the cardboard tube with glue. Let the muffin cups overlap each other to form the tiered skirt of the doll.

6) Stick the doll face on the topside of the cardboard tube. Place it over your mantlepiece or anywhere you like.

Easter Bunny

Things needed:
1) Cotton balls.
2) A styrofoam egg.
3) A white pipe cleaner and a thicker pink pipe cleaner.
4) Wiggle eyes.
5) Small pink pom-pom.
6) Thin wire.
7) Wire cutters.
8) A circular cardboard piece.
9) A pair of scissors.
10) Glue.
11) Fabric/lace.

1) Using glue, stick cotton balls on a styrofoam egg to make the tail and feet.

2) Bend white pipe cleaner around the thicker pink pipe cleaner to make the ears.

3) Glue wiggle eyes, the pom-pom (for nose) and thin wire whiskers in place on the cardboard circle.

4) Cut out a hole in the cardboard circle to rest the base of egg.

5) Cover the cardboard with fabric or lace. Your Easter bunny is ready. Decorate it in any further way you like.

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